Blonding Services

Partial Foils (weave) /Foilayage
20-25 foils in the top part of the hair. 30g of enlightener included
Full Foils (weave) /Foilayage
45-50 foils all over the head. 45g of enlightener included
Partial Babylight
45-50 foils in the top of the hair. 30g of enlightener included
Full Babylight
70-75 foils all over the hair. This is a more blended color than a regular full highlight. 45g of enlightener included
Bleach & Tone
Think Gwen Stefani platinum blonde hair. This process is done without foils. If you go this route you must get your hair done every 4-6 weeks. 60g of enlightener and 30g of blonde finisher are included in this price.
Bleach & Tone Root Touch Up
Root Touch Up is 1" of root retouch for an already platinum blonde hair. 30g enlightener and 30g blonde finisher
Ombre /Melt
The bottom half of your hair is either hand painted or teased with enlightener and the top of your hair is darker which creates a more dramatic look.

*Prices are determined by the stylist’s level of education. At any level, your service will be an experience.*

What is Foilayage?
Foilyage is more about the technique to achieve the desired amount of highlights by teasing, combining, freehand painting, and foiling enlightener into specific areas
What are Babylights?
Babylights - carefully placed delicate highlights all over the head. With this technique more hair goes into foils creating a subtle, yet dimensional look, reminiscent of the natural highlights you might have had as a child after long summer days spent playing in the sun.
Partial Foil vs Full Foil (weave)
Partial foils, think from the ear up. This technique shows beautiful stripes of color along the crown of the head. Full foils show beautiful stripes of color through out the hair.