Specialty Services

Hair Extensions$195 per hour
Solutions based hair extensions for thinning, volume, and length. We offer weft (sew in), beaded, fusion, and tape in in various lengths and colors.
Perms$145+ per hour
A chemical treatment that gives long lasting waves or curls. Various perm rod sizes are available to get the look you desire.
Box Braids$150 per hour*
Individual braids with extension braiding hair. There are various sizes, colors, and lengths to customize your look. *Price does not include the price of hair extensions.
Cornrows$135 per hour
A traditional style of braids in which the hair is braided very close to the scalp, often done in simple straight lines. Cornrows can also be styled in elaborate geometric or curvilinear designs.
Crochet Extensions$135 per hour
Is loose hair that is attached to cornrows or various curly looks including braids, twists, orlocs. There are various sizes, lengths, and colors to customize your look.
Hair Relaxers$165 per hour
Is a permanent straightening treatment that relies on a chemical process to break down hair strands. Relaxing treatments are best suited for someone who wants to be rid of curly or wavy hair. This will result in long-term super straight hair.
Root Touch Up Treatments$129 per hour
Recommended every 3 months. A relaxer will be applied to new curly or wavy hair grow out.
Special Occassion Hair & Make-Up
Make your getting ready process easy and enjoyable. If you have a family pictures, a holiday party, a wedding, prom, or a cultrural event we will help you achieve your desired outcome to look and feel beautiful.
Special Occassion Hair$75+
Bridal Make-Up$95+
Bridal Hair$105+
Special Effect/Halloween Make-Up$85+